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The essential oil of Marjoram is well known to help people with apnea, respiratory difficulties; particularly those afflicted with snoring, to soothe and ultimately help stop snoring naturally. Try it and if you are not satisfied, return the jar and your money back.
Special 2 Jars of Marjoram and/or mix and match with the other listed essential oils.

(jars contents: 3.5 Oz /112gr.)

$60.00, add shipping, call for rates.
Price for single jar $33.00, add shipping.

(only telephone orders)
602 748 3063


Vendors, stores and whole sale, please send inquire to abaromas@msn.com.

Our customer care specialists are available from 8 am to 6 pm PST, Monday to Friday. If you have further questions, please contact aromaSedona.com.


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