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About our prices

"Am I saving money?" That's a question you may be asking when you shop here at aromaSedona.com. We're pleased to say the answer is: "Yes, you are." How do we know? We check. In fact, we're continually monitoring the prices of products sold at national chain drug stores. We're committed to giving you real value, and our prices are, on average, lower than those of other drug chains.

Now, they may offer specials that will save you money on a specific item for a limited period of time. And here at aromaSedona.com, we offer specials, too. Day in, day out, however, our prices will be lower to save you money on all the products you buy, not just on the specials of the day.

We also understand that there's more to creating value than just price. Saving a trip to the drugstore, shopping in the comfort and privacy of your home or office, finding the products you need and the brands you want — all of these are reasons why aromaSedona.com offers a superior shopping experience. So we invite you to compare us to our competitors on price, convenience, and product selection. When you do, we think you'll agree that aromaSedona.com offers a better way to shop. And some pretty great prices, too.

Our customer care specialists are available from 8 am to 6 pm PST, Monday to Friday. If you have further questions, please contact aromaSedona.com.


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