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It Could Be the Best Place for You ! Why Choose aromaSedona.com ?

We hire people from vastly diverse backgrounds, and roles at the company vary greatly. Yet ask any AromaSedonian what he or she loves about working here, and you'll get surprisingly similar answers. Why do we like it here so much ? The top six reasons all have to do with opportunity. At AromaSedona.com you get to...

  • Work with and learn from an unusually high proportion of smart, focused people who are passionate about their work.
  • Work on challenging, interesting projects that have a huge impact on our success.
  • Work in a casual but accountable environment in which hard work, initiative, and smart decisions are rewarded.
  • Play an important part in continuing our leadership in e-commerce by bringing new ideas to the table and launching new businesses.
  • Be rewarded with great career opportunities and the chance to participate financially in the company's long-term success.
  • Have fun!

At AromaSedona.com, you'll likely work in small teams who are deeply invested in their part of the business. But people here are always thinking about the big picture, too. As we grow, we continue to promote cross-fertilization, so it's very possible that the people you work with will come to the table with all sorts of experience from other parts of our company. This team diversity encourages creativity, an open exchange of ideas across groups, and a respect for the challenges and tradeoffs present across our business.

To apply, please send us an e-mail at Info@aromasedona.com.

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