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About aromaSedona.com

Sedona, a paradise of tranquility nested in the mountains of the Colorado River was the inspiration to this new line of aromatherapy fragrances.


The brain registers aroma twice as fast as it does pain. This is why the inhalation of aromas can so powerfully transform the emotions. Smell is the only sense that bypasses the blood-brain barrier to the central nervous system. Through the olfactory system, essential oil molecules have direct access to the limbic area of the brain (the center of emotions and memory).

Scientific studies prove that inhaling certain aromas can immediately affect the central nervous system.

International research suggests that aromatherapy can increase productivity levels, information retention and relaxation.

Aroma therapeutic products can benefit the person by creating positive feelings that influence physical changes in the body.

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Aromatherapy (by inhalation)

Inhalation of essential oils is an effective way to treat nose, throat and lung ailments.

Nose, throat and lung infections are conditions that gain benefit from treatment with specific aromatic molecules of some essential oils; their solubility in ether (air) makes it easy to be inhaled, so the biochemical properties of the aromatic molecules, as they reach the bronchial system and by their only contact, relieve congestion of the bronchi and provoke expectoration of the bronchial secretion, due to their mucolytic properties.

Especially the essential oils containing oxides and Monoterpenes are indicated for the respiratory afflictions (by its broncho-pulmonary properties), such as : asthma, bronchitis, flu, emphysema, some tropical diseases, broncho-pneumonia and others like pulmonary tuberculosis (in association with other essential oils

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